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SOTA Instruments

SOTA Instruments incorporate the Silver Pulser SP7 Micro Pulsing and colloidal silver making machine.

The Magnetic Pulser MP6 produces a beat attractive field which makes miniature flows that work to praise our own body’s power for general wellbeing and prosperity.

The Water Ozonator Woz5 produces gainful oxygen to commend your body’s essentialness.

Peruse the SOTA Instruments range today, we transport these items around the world.

SOTA INSTRUMENTS DISCLAIMER The suppositions expressed are the perspectives on Cytodoc and don’t address the assessment of SOTA Instruments. The SOTA units are delegated Consumer Products intended to be utilized as a feature of a Wellness Lifestyle. The SOTA units are not clinical gadgets nor are they expected to analyze, treat or fix any clinical or medical issue. The utilization, wellbeing or adequacy of the SOTA units, has not been endorsed by any administration organization. Kindly counsel a wellbeing specialist for any clinical or medical issue. Results are not normal.