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Stainless Steel Containers


Novfeel Stainless Steel Containers

Novfeel stainless steel containers, including stainless steel beer cans, stainless steel coffee POTS, stainless steel coolers, stainless steel kettles, and stainless steel dog bowls.


Unified use of the double wall, vacuum process, and food-grade 18/8 stainless steel material made of, with good heat preservation or cold preservation function. Stainless steel beer can, slender neck, round body, easy to carry, handle and no handle choice, suitable for outdoor camping party; Stainless steel espresso coffee cups, the switch is located at the handle, the water is pressed, the spout is designed for the opening, suitable for home or business, the creative style also has the fashion style; Stainless steel cold can, the shape of beer bottles or cans, can beer bottles or metal cans for the whole cold, detachable assembly, suitable for hiking, fitness; Stainless steel kettle, the appearance of a water bucket, large capacity, suitable for a mountain adventure or camping and other outdoor activities or people who need more water, heat insulation function is very strong, even in the sun exposure, the ice water inside is still not affected; Stainless steel dog bowl, disc shape, non-slip bottom, suitable for dogs, cats, and other pets.


Novfeel stainless steel container products are diverse, but no matter what kind of craftsmanship, full of craftsman spirit.


Features of Novfeel Stainless Steel Container

Novfeel stainless steel container, all adopt double wall technology and vacuum technology, have excellent heat preservation or cold function, even in the hot sun exposure, stainless steel kettle in ice water for a long time still keep cool, ice beer or drink in the cold can still taste delicious, beer in the beer can still not stale;Strong insulation, so that filled with hot coffee coffeepot outside the wall does not feel hot.


Advantage of Novfeel Stainless Steel Container

Stainless steel beer cans are safe to carry, while glass beer bottles break easily.Stainless steel coffee pot, for larger capacity and convenient for many people to use at the same time;Stainless steel cold can, can make the cold beer or beverage in the outdoor ice refreshing feeling as long as possible;Stainless steel kettle, good heat insulation function, to ensure that the temperature from the environment, to meet the outdoor sports large amount of water needs;Stainless steel dog bowl, not broken, heavy quality, not easy to be pushed on the floor.


Applications of Novfeel Stainless Steel Container


Store cold drinks or ice water or hot water



Suitable for outdoor barbecue, picnic, keep the beer drink cold and refreshing feeling



Suitable for outdoor adventure sports, plenty of water



For home or business use, sharing coffee



It is suitable for backpacking and must drink canned cold drinks



It is safe and convenient to carry beer on hiking



Suitable for indoor fitness, keep cold drinks cold and refreshing



Suitable for feeding cats and dogs