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Electric Standing Desk Make Work more Healthy and Enjoyable 2023.11.25

Being a pencil pusher, how to get rid of bad mood and tired body. Higher salary, fewer tasks, or the idea of a party after work. “hell no” , actually, what you want just is a comfortable desk.

Aha! It sounds crazy, right? A desk can bring you passion. I am quite sure about that. adjustable desk with drawers out of your imagination.

Before my detailed introduction, we explore why work is energy-draining. You wake up in the early morning, then prepare breakfast for your family or drive children to school. Morning rush may take a 20 minute route double. When you get to your office, you need sit on your chair checking email and making a ppt report. Anyway, you cannot leave your chair. Gradually you feel like sit on pins and needles, begining to slouch over your computer.

You find it, yell. Not the work itself make you feel depression, The real culprits is the bad posture.

You wanna dig yourself out of such a bad condition, you remember, we have mentioned a desk can bring you passion. I will introduce for you this standing desk.

electric standing desk is your best choice

The easiest and most sustainable way to combat the effects of over-sitting is to own a standing desk. FEZiBO sit stand desk was born under the concept of minimizing design to pursue maximum comfort. There are some features you cannot refuse it.

Sit or stand, you choose

A standing desk with adjustable height range of 27″ – 46″ (with a 19″ travel distance), ideal for users 4’8″ to 6’3″ tall. The minimum height of the frame is less than 28 inches, which is friendly for children to stand up to use, enables you choose to sit or to stand freely.

Solid and sturdy construction makes this sit stand desk more stable.Electric control

The Standard Keypad includes up down features and adds memory and anti-collision features: Memory features: Remember your favorite height for different scenes. Then you can free your hands and there is no need to press the button during the lifting process. Anti-collision features: Protect the desk from the collision. adjustable height desk will stop automatically when it meets beneath desk items during the lifting process such as coffee cups, books, etc.

Production Description

Desktop design: up to five choices, spliced board, standard, single drawer, circular arc, double drawers.

Desktop color: up to four choices, rustic brown, black, white, espresso.

Desktop Size: up to four choices (L×W),40″×24″, 48″×24″,55″×24″,63″×24″.

Adjustable Height Range: 27″ to 46″

Weight-Loading Capacity: 115lbs

Adjustable system: electric drive, single motor

Frame: basic 2 stage

there are also have some other choice, for example, standing desks with drawers, or strong L shaped standing desk.

Better warranty and after-sales service of standing desk

Under normal use, the main parts and components of all adjustable desk are guaranteed for 5 years (calculated from the time when the product is delivered to the user), the motor quality is guaranteed for 2 years, and the electronic components are guaranteed for 2 years.

You are free to return almost any item within 60 days of receipt.

Electric Standing Desk with electric control would make you feel better in your office

Enjoy happiness and benefit a lot from the small standing desk!

Set to an ergonomically comfortable position whether you are sitting down on an office chair, stool or standing up.

Enjoy the benefits of working at a standing desk which includes lowering your risk of weight gain and obesity, lowering your risk of heart disease, reduce back pain and boost productivity.

Simply use keyboards adjust the height you feel comfortable.

Helps reduce back and neck strains when the desk height is adjustable for you.

And it highly recommend to buy a Balance Board to match your standing gaming desk.

FEZIBO Standing Desktop Balance Board is a balance board that helps you build strength at your desk without completely disrupting your work. The board is made of durable rubber that fits the floor. Its top textured surface gives your feet a subtle massage every time you stand on it.

The board boasts a rocker design, which means it only tilts from side to side. In addition, it offers a more limited Angle of tilt (8.5 degrees) than many other balance boards. These features are great for the office because they will keep you challenging throughout the workday without demanding too much of your attention.

Advantage: limited range of motion, perfect for beginners, suitable for use during work, with only one piece to keep track, suitable for floor use.

Disadvantage: For more advanced users, it may not be challenging enough.

To maximize the health properties when using standing computer desk, there are some tips for you.

1, In order to keep you healthy, it is recommended to maintain an alternate sitting and standing office posture, standing for a long time or sitting for a long time are not very friendly to your body. Generally , the more reasonable time is to sit 40-50 minutes with alternating standing 15-20 minutes.

2, Part of electric standing desks is not equipped with cable storage box, if not, it is recommended to match. Not only for beauty, it is to avoid the occurrence of safety hazards.

3,Check the screws or knobs of the best ergonomic office chair regularly to see if there is any sign of loosening. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time to guarantee normal use. You are advised to perform an inspection every three months.

4,In order to clean the desktop and reduce dust, it is necessary to clean it regularly. Dust on the desktop can be handled with a small vacuum cleaner or wiped with a cloth. Cleaning can be done once a week.