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Staple Making Machine

Staple making machine production line totally has three machine: Wire flattening machine, Wire gluing machine and staple forming machine. Our stapler pin machine can produce different staple pin sizes, which is used for office and industry ( home decoration, furniture manufacturing, packaging, leather, shoemaking and other industries). The staple forming machine adopts a hydraulic system for implementation of components, with characteristics of safety operation, stable performance, low noise and high efficiency.


How to Start Stapler Pin Manufacturing Business?

Staple pins are widely used in office, school, and industry. They are mainly used to bind books, paper boxes, wooden boxes and kinds of furniture. Staple pins have the variety of sizes, because according to different usage of staple pin ( for paper or wooden), the length, the diameter of the staple pins and the hardness of the raw materials are also different.


Advantages of CANDID Stapler Pin Manufacturing Machine

CANDID has two kinds of stapler pin making machine, one is the single staple making machine, the other is the staple production line. These two machines are suitable for making various kinds of staple pins with galvanized round iron wire as raw materials. We can design staple pin making machine according to customer’s different requirements and the sample from our clients. The most difference between these two machines is the capacity, the capacity of the staple production line is 70 times than single staple making machine. Meanwhile, the single staple making machine just has one machine, but the whole staple production line totally has three machines: wire flattening machine, wire gluing machine and staple pin forming machine. For all the stapler pin machines, we will send the operation manual and videos to our clients to study. We’re helping our clients to make the stapler pin manufacturing process much easier.


All of our staple pin making machines are equipped with a detachable safety cover and has stable performance, low noise, and high efficiency. And the key parts of the machine are made by high-quality steel or alloy steel, to make our staple making machine with a longer lifetime. Also, the staple pin making machine price is reasonable for its good performance.


CANDID’s Advantage As A Staple Machines Manufacturer

Our staple pin making machine has already exported to many countries, such as United State, India, Russia, Nepal, Nigeria and so on. CANDID always believe that the machine quality and continuous service is the most important thing. Due to the investment in equipment is one-off, but the quality is directly affected on customer’s profit. So we try our best to supply each customer the good quality equipment and help them to solve every problem.