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Pigment Red 122

Product Description of Pigment Red 122:

The pigment variety of the quinacridone derivative has excellent migration resistance, outstanding thermal stability, and gives pure blue red or magenta. The specific surface area of Hostaprint Pink E is 62m2/g, and the specific surface area of Hostaprint Pink E Tran is 100m2/g. Mainly used for high-end automotive coatings, printing inks and plastics, and molybdenum chrome orange for outdoor coatings and powder coatings; used for PS, ABS coloring, and also used for the coloring of polypropylene and polyester puree, heat-resistant to 280℃ ; Packaging ink for high-end printing ink and laminated plastic film.

C.I. Pigment Red 122, in the form of a red powder, is a dye that can be used in printing ink applications and paint systems. This product has a specific gravity between 1.35 and 1.55, a bulk volume between 4.5 and 5.0 l/kg, and an average particle size between 50 and 150 nanometers.