The advantages of Thulium Laser treatment

As we get older, our skin needs external interventions to renew itself and maintain its vitality. Thulium laser machine is one of the effective non-surgical aesthetic procedures applied to add brightness and vitality to the skin, to protect it and to make the skin age well. With thulium fiber laser treatment, you can solve your skin problems without interrupting your social life.

The 1927 nm thulium laser, by a gentle, non-ablative fractional treatment, helps the skin regain a healthy appearance and becomes more radiant and supple. With a choice of power intensities from mild to high, treatments can be performed all year round, with no recovery period.

The thulium laser works by creating thousands of micro-damages (invisible to the naked eye), which provokes the body’s healing processes, including the production of new collagen. Thulium laser treatment produces sensational results with a very short recovery period.