The best laser hair removal machine brand

Laser hair removal targets the melanin in the hair follicle and the laser destroys the pigment thereby destroying the entire hair follicle. Laser hair removal is influenced by a number of factors such as the area of hair, skin and hair colour, the stage of growth the hair, the types of laser hair removal machine and the schedule of treatment. If you choose laser hair removal machine treatment, it is recommended that you seek treatment from a qualified medical practitioner at a regular hospital.

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Does laser hair removal work

Firstly, a skin test is carried out, after which the cleanliness of the skin at the hair removal site is maintained, then an appropriate amount of gel is evenly applied to the skin in the treatment area, then the laser hair removal machine is used to carry out a comprehensive and rapid hair removal, which takes 5-10 minutes, and finally an ice pack is applied to the hair removal site for 10-15 minutes. Laser hair removal only works on hair in the anagen phase, and generally requires 4-6 laser treatments, each 4-6 weeks apart to achieve satisfactory results. Generally speaking, the more treatments you have, the more likely you are to achieve permanent hair removal, if you have too few treatments, the results will be temporary.

Is laser hair removal permanent

The professional laser hair removal machine can achieve permanent hair removal, but it needs to be performed by a professional doctor. When doing laser hair removal, the principle of photothermal effect is generally used to penetrate the epidermis of the skin, thus destroying the hair follicle tissue and achieving permanent hair removal, but the treatment needs to be carried out by a professional doctor, if not done properly it may also cause serious damage to the skin, such as a burning sensation on the skin. It is important to take sun protection measures in your daily life.