The efficacy of IPL intense pulsed light machine

IPL photorejuvenation machine is the earliest laser skin treatment equipment. It mainly uses IPL intense pulsed light to hit the skin, which has the effect of removing freckles and sealing blood vessels, that is, improving the state of vasodilation. It can also shrink pores, make the skin smoother, and improve the aging state of the skin.

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The Theory of IPL intense pulsed light machine

IPL intense pulsed light machine is currently one of the most widely used phototherapy technologies in clinical practice. It occupies a very important position in the field of skin beauty and is widely used in the treatment of various skin damages, especially those related to photodamage and photoaging. The beauty effect of IPL is based on the following two working principles.

1. Selective photothermolysis

The theoretical basis of IPL skin treatment machine of skin diseases is the principle of selective photothermal action. Because IPL has a broad spectrum, it can cover multiple absorption peaks of various pigment groups such as melanin, oxidized hemoglobin, and water.

In the treatment of vascular skin diseases, hemoglobin is the main chromophore. The light energy of IPL is preferentially and selectively absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin in the blood vessel. The high heat generated after the absorption will cause the hemoglobin to rupture, which will cause the rupture and closure of the blood vessel, and improve the effect of red blood filaments.

The same is true when treating pigmented skin diseases. The high heat generated by melanin selectively absorbing the spectrum of IPL can lead to the decomposition of melanin granules, the destruction of melanocytes, and finally the destruction of melanosomes. Improves the efficacy of hyperpigmentation.

Simply put, the darker the color, the more light it absorbs and the more heat it generates. Because the melanin in the skin absorbs more heat, it is easy to decompose and achieve a whitening effect.

2. Biostimulation

After the IPL intense pulsed laser enters the dermis, it can chemically change the internal molecular structure of the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis, promote the arrangement of the collagen tissue in the dermis to be finer, and the collagen layer is continuously repaired and replenished, so that the skin restores its elasticity. Enhance the function of blood vessels, thereby improving skin sagging, superficial wrinkles, enlarged pores and other skin conditions.

Problems that can be improved by IPL intense pulsed laser

In theory, IPL can improve many skin problems, such as the following: rosacea (rosacea), pigmentation, superficial wrinkles, enlarged pores, melasma, freckles, sun spots, red blood, dull skin, Facial rejuvenation. IPL intense pulsed laser is like a general practitioner, it can treat many skin problems and effectively improve the skin condition. Its biggest advantage is that it is safe and non-invasive. As a non-invasive skin technology, IPL is not an invasive treatment, so the possibility of infection is very low.

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