The Most Useful Tech Tools for Beginning Yoga Instructors

To keep projects on track, use Asana, a project management application that allows you to create material calendars, construct social media calendars, assign tasks to team members, and do hundreds of other activities. It may be used in conjunction with online calendars, such as Google Calendar or YOGI TIMES, but it can also be an excellent addition to a traditional paper planner. It is equally effective for teams as it is for solopreneurs. However, although Asana has a premium version, we believe that most of our readers will be able to use it for free. We hope that this helps!


Trello: We use this program management application for the software design side of Hey Wonderful, and it’s a fantastic, free alternative to Microsoft Project. If you are familiar with the Hootsuite platform, you will like Trello’s board-centric structure, which is quite similar. Examine both of these mission technologies to see which one best meets your requirements.


G Suite: Google’s flagship suite of cloud-based apps provides help for yoga teachers in various areas, including email, lesson planning, finances, and file storage. You’ll have to shell up $5 a month per team member to make use of the full functionality of G Suite, but it’s worth it.


Canva: When it comes to graphic design and social media image editing, there is no competition. Image sizes for Twitter tweets, Facebook covers, and a wide variety of other social-centric images are pre-loaded and easy to discover in the library of graphics. Even while there is a premium version available for corporations, the free program is beautiful, simple to use, and surprisingly capable. Ideal for non-graphic designers that want only essential graphic design services.


Greetings, Marvelous – Yes, we are officially adding our names to this list! And with good reason: Hey Marvelous is a tool meant to assist you in teaching, training, or coaching online to anybody from anywhere at any time using any device. An online teaching platform, an online membership platform, and a top-notch live-streaming technology are all available through us. With our simple-to-use software, you can develop courses and memberships and teaching, training, and coaching units that can be delivered to individuals or groups of people. We are a paid service, but we are effectively a one-stop-shop that contains everything you need to set up an online classroom or studio, all in one place. (Listen to the podcast to learn more about what distinguishes us from tools such as Shopify.)


Stripe: If you’re selling anything at all online, you’ll need to use a payment processor like Stripe. We like Stripe, which many Hey Marvelous teachers use as an intermediary to process payments when students join up for lessons or make purchases from the Hey Marvelous store. With Stripe, you may withdraw money from your students’ account and deposit it into your bank account. Although we’ve been using it for years, we’ve had zero difficulties with it. (This is SO much better than PayPal, to be honest.)


iMovie: This program, which comes pre-installed on all Mac computers, is both astonishingly powerful and yet simple to use. No matter how talented you are in front of the camera, you will need to edit part of your video footage before putting it online, and iMovie makes the process seamless and straightforward. So do (Need some assistance getting started? Our Soulful MBA program has a fantastic iMovie course.) Even if you’re a PC user who isn’t quite ready to make the transition, we’ve written an entire piece on the finest video editing tools available for both platforms… but we’ll be honest: iMovie will always be our favorite.


This vintage tool will meet all of your email campaigns needs as long as you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers and send fewer than 12,000 emails each month. In terms of functionality, Mailchimp covers all of the essentials, is excellent for anyone new to email marketing, and provides terrific design aspects and support to its user base. In addition, the firm just added auto-replies to its free plan, which is a significant plus for customers.