The new jewelry company that all the famous people In USA looking to buy!

We are talking about the famous personalities from USA and their interest in Jewelry products. They all are looking towards Sol and Tierra because of their handmade attractive designs of Bracelets and Necklaces. All the products are of Evil Eyes.

Dor Sendler (Owner of the company) was visiting to Turkey and he saw the Evil Eyes products in the market of Turkey, I was in love with those products and when he came back to Israel, he started working on these products in 2018. In the starting, they faced many difficulties as they were new there. But they didn’t stop their hard work and now this is the time that people from all over the world are buying their products. From USA, all the famous celebrities are buying their Jewelry products and they love to wear these products. Bracelets and Necklaces for both men and women are available on Sol and Tierra. Their all the products are homemade and uniquely designed. Now, Most of the products are in 30% and 40% off sale. So, it’s a time to take a step and try their products. If you visit their website, you will see more details about their products.

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