Thermal CTP Machine

About thermal ctp machine

Thermal ctp machine is a kind of computer plate making machine, divided into different models according to printing speed and printing quality, such as: thermal CTP machine T832, thermal CTP machine T848, thermal CTP machine T864, CTCP machine U832, CTCP machine U848, CTCP machine U864(click to learn more about the product directly). The T8 series is suitable for those with high imaging requirements and more budget.


Advantages of thermal ctp machine:

Highest quality  screening  output, exceeding 300 lines-per-inch (LPI).

Operates in daylight conditions and is not light sensitive.

Longest run lengths of 200,000 – 400,000 impressions, with the capacity to output over 1 million impressions.

Relies on silver-free plates.

The only technology offering process less plate options, which eliminate the need for any chemicals and provide.

Has the least environmental impact.

Some platesetters are flexible and easy to repair.

Ease of use to operate.

Thermal CTP machine can meet the most stringent print quality requirements. High-quality imaging can be achieved through extremely precise dot formation. The traditional or randomly selected tonal range is 1%-99%, and the resolution is up to 2800 dpi (or optional 3600 dpi). All CTPs can be customized for newspaper, commercial and even security applications for resolution options from 1200 to 9600 dpi.