Thermostat Housing

The engine is connected to the hose by a water outlet. SDZ design and produce water outlets made of aluminum, plastic, and cast iron. We utilize premium quality raw materials to ensure long-term performance and improved seal design provides no-leaking.


Technical Information of Thermostat Housing




The housing is the part covering the thermostat. The coolant water outlet and thermostat have their respective functions. Housing is usually located on the engine block or head and contains a thermostat that helps control the operating temperature of the engine.


SDZ Thermostat Housing Types

SDZ are available in different materials, most water outlets are aluminium and plastic, we can also produce housing made of cast iron and steel.


Technical Information of Thermostat Housing



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Thermostat Housing

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Thermostat Housing Leakage Symptoms

Thermostat valve stuck closed


The thermostat valve stuck open


Low coolant warning light