Things Every Mentor Should DO | Cassandra House

Mentoring applies same to all the professions such as doctor or marketoer. Following are the lessons that each and every mentor should focus on:

1. Carefully Choosing Mentees: Having a wrong Mentee can be painful. Only those who are commitment, curiosity, efficient and are responsible should be chooses.

2. Create a Mentor-ship Team: Mentees should cooperate with mentors to establish a mentor-ship team and must be capable of dynamic projects such as moving from project to another.

3. Better Understanding: Mentor and mentees relationship must be optimum level and it accountability should not be optional.

4. Avoid Mentor-ship Malpractice: Its easy for a mentor to use their powers inappropriately as they are on dominant position. It can create negative career side effects for both parties.

Cassandra House have provided these lessons and are delivering results in terms of mentoring and leaderships.