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Timber Shopfronts


Timber shop front is a type of store or office front which is made of wood. Timber shop fronts can be found in a variety of settings, from small local businesses to large chain stores. They provide a warm and inviting appearance that can make a business stand out from the crowd. There are many benefits to using a wood shop front, including the ability to create a unique and stylish appearance, the natural warmth of wood, and the durability of wood.

If you want to maintain the traditional look of your shop then timber shopfronts in London is the best solution as solid wood shop front both with and without glazing can give your shop front an elegant and traditional look. We offer an exclusive and wide range of shopfront which are designed as per the specifications of the clients and give a stylish and impressive look to the front. Even the wooden designs are quite durable and cost effective. Each design is bespoke which allows customers to maintain their business or brand identity.