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To know about best sexologist in Patna responsibilities for sexual patients | Dr. Sunil Dubey

Many people from different cities of India wanted to know about the roles and duties of a sexologist. Some of them sent us messages and someone inquired it through online media platform. We, Dubey Clinic is India’s most reliable and full-time sexual patients’ care hospital and clinic that is located in Dubey Market, Langar Toli, Chauraha, and Patna-04. The world famous Ayurvedacharya and top-3 senior sexologist doctor in India Dr. Sunil Dubey helps us to know all the facts, roles, and duties of a sexologist doctor in India.


Before knowing the duties and responsibilities of a senior sexologist doctor, lets us know about the best sexologist in Patna Dr. Sunil Dubey who treats and helps all types of sexual patients in world.


About Dr. Sunil Dubey: Best Sexologist in World

Dr. Sunil Dubey is one of the most faithful names in the profession of Ayurveda and Sexology medical science. He is world renowned Ayurvedacharya who has researched on various types of sexual dysfunctions of men, women, and young.  He continued to do his research until he had not discovered the most accurate Ayurvedic medicines for all the sexual patients. Consequently, he had been successful in his research after five years when mostly sexual patients have reported to Dubey Clinic that they have improved their sexual problems from root.


He is India’s first sexologist doctor who is honored with gold medal, International Ayurveda Ratna Award, and Bharat Gaurav Award at the same time. Apart from these paramount awards, he is awarded with best sexologist in India when mostly sexual patients from metropolitan cities reported that the treatment and medication of Dr. Sunil Dubey is magic and works as a panacea. In Bihar, he is awarded with Bihar Ratna Award, Bihar Shree Award, Bihar Jyoti Award, and Best Ayurvedic Sexologist in Bihar. In fact, he treats all the sexual patients under some specific procedures those are related to the sexual patients’ psychology, anatomy, behavior, past medial history, and so on.


Duties of a Senior Sexologist:

As we all know that a sexologist is a therapist or doctor who is specialized in all the sexual problems with its pros and cons. He is also familiar with those problems very well and knows how to deal with these problems. The most experienced and senior sexologist doctor treats each sexual patient with a specific manner. He researches on the patient’s sexual behavior, feelings, interactions, and psychology. After that he helps them to resolve any conflicts if the patient may have with his sexual histories.


Dr. Sunil Dubey is a specialized senior sexologist doctor who is expert in Ayurveda and Sexology medical science. In fact, he does the entire duties regarding with the sexual patient’s problem and after that he provides him/her the most effective and panacea Ayurvedic medicine. In his counseling, the patients share the following things:-

  1. Relationship between couple
  2. Sexual Past Trauma
  3. Medical Reasons
  4. Anatomy and Physical Issues
  5. Emotional Behavior
  6. Health-Related Issues
  7. Prospective of Sexual Life
  8. Stages of Sexual Intimacy
  9. Before/After thoughts
  10. Importance of Sexual Intercourse


Consultation and Appointment with Dr. Sunil Dubey:

Dr. Sunil Dubey practices at Dubey Clinic every day where more than thirty sexual patients always get their treatment and medication. He deals with them and provides them their treatment. Mostly sexual patients from Bihar always choose Dubey Clinic because it has been providing the treatment and medication privileges to all the sexual patients since 1965.


This is a certified clinic that provides all over medicine delivery privileges to outdoor patients. The local patients from Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal always come to Dubey Clinic to get a consultation with Dr. Sunil Dubey face-to-face. He helps all of them. This clinic is well-equipped with all the latest and modern sets of medical equipment where each patient gets his medical checkup. This clinic does not have any charge for the clinical medical checkup. The lowest consultation fee always lowers the burden of all classes of patients.


Make an appointment with this clinic over the phone. The timing for consultation is from 08:00 AM to 20:00 PM every day. If you have trust on Ayurveda and its natural medicines then you should once visit the clinic. The system of this clinic medication is unparalleled, impactful, and full-time reliable for your sexual health.



With best wishes:

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