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What is a Bidfluencer?

A Bidfluencer is an individual that uses their ability to attract and motivate consumers to join the ToucanWin flock by promoting or recommending our services and products.

But wait why would I do that?

Good question, great minds do think alike. In short, you and your team start earning 10% of every dollar you bring to the ToucanWin table and it only goes up from there.

Hmmmm… not convinced?

ToucanWin’s innovative business model and marketing plan are going to flip the penny auction industry on its’ head, but wait where did this all come from…?

Two Industry leaders…

Kelley Foote and Don Fiechter came together creating this “Category Changing” Business Plan.

How do Penny Auctions work?

Each bid costs $1 dollar, but only moves the auction price up by 1 penny. Hence the term, Penny Auction.