• $6.99

Tover Saniplus l Universal Sanitizing Detergent

Tover Saniplus l Universal Sanitizing Detergent


  • Ready to use universal sanitizing detergent based on benzalkonium chloride

  • Premium quality disinfectant and sanitizer suitable to use on all hard surfaces

  • It will clean and disinfect instantly and it will also slightly deodorise the surface

  • It complies with all WHO recommendations – efficient against COVID 19 Virus

  • Removes deep impregnated grime & kills germs, fungi, algae and spores 

  • Highly recommended for commercial buildings, public buildings and offices

  • It can safely be used around pets, asthmatics, kids and sick/vunerable people

  • Spray it directly on the surface and allow it to work for a few min before wiping