Tractor Tyre price in india

Tractor tyres are essential for farmers, powering vital equipment like tractors. In India, a range of brands offers diverse tyre options, priced from Rs. 3,050* to Rs. 40,500*, influenced by brand, construction, and type. TractorGyan provides updated information on tyre prices and 2024’s latest models. The ideal tractor tyre features affordability, enhanced traction, comfort, and reduced compaction, with innovative technologies like IF/VF for heavier loads. Popular sizes include 6.00-16, 7.50-16, and 12.4-28 for front and rear tyres. Selection factors include primary application, tread design for different soils, crop needs, climate, and load capacity. Brands like Apollo, BKT, CEAT, MRF, Birla, and JK offer durable options. Maintenance is crucial for tyre longevity, including regular inspections, proper inflation, weight distribution, alignment, and cautious driving. Farmers should consider compatibility, tread design, load capacity, weather suitability, and speed rating when selecting tyres. TractorGyan simplifies tyre buying, offering comprehensive brand, model, and price information, aiding farmers in optimizing productivity and efficiency.