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Send big the easiest way to Send files for Free. We transfer files securely up to 30gb. Zippy share large file & videos online. Mega file sharing just like mediafire.

SendBig is the simplest free way to send and share big files anywhere in the world, without limitations on the size or number of files. You control every detail while we transfer your files!! SendBig uses the latest and fastest cloud technology to store your files safely in our dedicated data centers located in Germany, which are ISO 27001 certified.The safety, security and privacy of the data stored and shared using our service is our ultimate priority, for that an SSL/TLS protocol is implemented on our servers and website. SSL/TLS stands for secure sockets layer / transport layer security. In addition, our servers comply with ISO 27001 certification, an internationally recognized standard for information security. We are here to help share ideas, creativity and inspirations all around the globe with one touch, SendBig. We were engaged since 2015 in offering new products and services with the latest technology that is always being used.

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