TSTCABLES 10 Tips for B-Side Purchasing Demystifying High Temperature Cable Shopping Tips

I. High temperature cable Overview


High temperature cable is a special type of cable that can work normally in a high-temperature environment, and can usually withstand high temperatures above 200°C. Even some types of high-temperature cables can safely and stably transmit power signals and data signals at temperatures as high as 600°C or higher. Such cables have the following characteristics and uses:


Second, high temperature cable product characteristics

High temperature resistance: can operate stably in environments up to hundreds of degrees Celsius.

Anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion: Long-term performance in corrosive environments.

High efficiency and low consumption: special design to reduce energy consumption and enhance energy efficiency.

Strong anti-interference: Super anti-interference (EMI) shielding ability to ensure stable signal transmission in high temperature and electromagnetic interference environment.

High safety: low smoke and halogen-free flame retardant, reducing fire and other safety risks.

Long life: reduce the frequency of replacement, reduce maintenance costs.


Third, high temperature cable product standards


The production and testing of high-temperature cables follow strict standards. For example, according to the national standard GB12666.6-90, the long-term use of high-temperature cables can reach a working temperature of 200 ℃, and the short-term use of the temperature can even reach 1000 ℃. In addition, the products have passed a number of international certifications, such as CE, EN (EN 50264, EN50382, EN50306) certification, etc., to ensure their quality and safety.


Four, High-temperature cable application cases and scenes


Industrial production of High-temperature cable

Iron and steel smelting: high-temperature cables transmit power and data in steel furnaces and high-temperature production lines to ensure continuous production.Glass manufacturing: used in high-temperature furnaces to ensure the stability and safety of the production process.


Petrochemical High-temperature cable


Chemical reactors: connecting high-temperature reaction equipment and control systems to ensure precise control of chemical reactions.

Pipeline Conveying: Used in high temperature fluid conveying and monitoring systems.


Power and Energy High Temperature Cables

Solar power generation: connecting solar panels and inverters for efficient transmission of electricity.

Wind power generation: in wind turbines to ensure stable transmission of power in high temperature and high humidity environments.


Aerospace High Temperature Cables

Aero-engine: Ensure stable transmission of power and signal under extreme high temperature and vibration environment.

Satellite communication: in the space environment, to provide stable power and data transmission support.


Transportation High Temperature Cables

High-speed trains: Ensure stable power and signal in high temperature, high humidity and vibration car environment.

Electric Vehicle Charging: Support high temperature environment power transmission in fast charging station.


Medical Equipment High Temperature Cables

Medical equipment connection: Ensure stable power and signal transmission in high temperature sterilization and surgical equipment.


Military & Defense High Temperature Cables

Missile Systems: Ensure stable operation of missile systems under extreme conditions.

Mobile equipment: provide stable power support for military mobile equipment.

high temperature resistant cables


V. B-end buyers procurement to avoid the pit guide: High Temperature Cables 10 purchase skills


TST CABLES(www.tstcables.com) senior engineers summarized ten tips for you, I hope to help you choose high-quality high-temperature cables, if you want to buy cables do not step on the pit, pay attention to TST CABLES on the line.


1.    Define the temperature range of high-temperature cables:Need to understand the maximum temperature and duration of the required high temperature cable can withstand, to ensure the safe operation of the cable in a high temperature environment.


2.    Select the appropriate high temperature cable material:According to the different needs of the use of the environment, select the appropriate high temperature cable insulation materials and sheath materials, such as silicone rubber, graphitized polyimide, fluoroplastics, etc. These materials can maintain excellent electrical properties and mechanical strength at high temperatures.


3.    Consider high temperature cable structure and size:The structure of high-temperature cables should meet the requirements of specific environments, such as high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.


The size and length of the cable should ensure that it can be adapted to the requirements of the equipment, while taking into account the bending radius and installation space.


4.    High-temperature cable core number and cross-sectional area:According to the specific needs of the appropriate number of cores and cross-sectional area to meet the needs of high-power electrical equipment.


5.    Focus on the safety of high-temperature cables:Select high temperature cables that meet the relevant standards and regulations, such as with UL, CE, EN and other certifications to ensure the safety performance of the cable.


6.    Understand the high-temperature cable technical standards:Familiarize yourself with the relevant technical standards at home and abroad, such as IEC or specific national standards, to ensure that the cable purchased meets the specification requirements.


7.    Consider the special environmental conditions of high-temperature cables:Cables used in special environmental conditions (such as high temperature, high humidity, corrosion, etc.) need special attention to their weather resistance and corrosion resistance.


8.    High-temperature cable packaging and transportation:For high temperature cables exported or transported over long distances, the packaging should be tight and in accordance with international transportation standards to reduce the risk of damage during transportation.


9.    High-temperature cable supplier technical information and certification:Ensure that high temperature cable suppliers provide complete technical information and certification documents, so that there is a clear reference and guidance in the process of use.


10. Consider High Temperature Cables supplier after-sales service:Choose high temperature cable manufacturer with good after-sales service, TST CALBES is a one-on-one engineer to provide full after-sales guidance, so that when problems arise during the use of the cable can be resolved in a timely manner.


TST CALBES engineers suggest that you need to consider many aspects when purchasing high-temperature cables, including the temperature range of the cable, the choice of materials, structure and size, safety, and the supplier’s after-sales service. Through careful comparison and selection, you can ensure that you get the right high temperature cable for your specific working environment, thus guaranteeing the stability and safety of power transmission.


High Temperature Cables Manufacturer TST CABLES


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