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Turquoise Meaning And Its Healing Properties

Turquoise is globally one of the oldest gemstones dating back from the ancient Egyptians and Chinese artisans named after the French term, ‘Pierre Torques’ meaning ‘Turkish stone. 


The soft and porous gemstone is a concoction of blue and bluish-green color (this color calms the soul), which reminds us of the blue skies, tropical sea, and the earth from space. 


The Turquoise stone could be cut into many shapes and sizes; the most popular are the ovals, beads, chips, and cabochons.



Healing properties 


The Turquoise will allow a person to espouse a new idea, provide a sense of clarity, helpful for balancing tools for self-help.


The Turquoise jewelry can recharge our spirits, furnishing wisdom from both sky and earth, and it is said that it protects the person while travelling.


Turquoise jewelry brings the energy of peace, helps in communicating calmly, openly, honestly, increases your mental and cognitive abilities, memory, overall optimism, and allows you to achieve a greater level of understanding.