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Underwater Curing Epoxy Coating

Underwater Curing Epoxy Coating

Underwater curing coatings are two-component, formulated with special resins, extender pigments, fillers and curing agents. Its biggest feature is that it can continue to cure underwater to form a strong, high-strength paint film. It is mainly used for anticorrosion of cement and steel structures in bridge piers and sea-blocking dams immersed in water for a long time. The applying method is to scrape the prepared paint on a plastic cloth, then wrap the plastic cloth on the object to be coated and compact it to prevent it from being washed away by water.


Advantages of Underwater Curing Epoxy Coating

Strong hydrophobic nature


Good physical and chemical characteristics


Excellent water and alkali resistance


It can normally cure and form film in water medium at normal temperature


Specification of Underwater Curing Epoxy Coating


Solvent Free

Solid Content


Mixing Ratio

two components  base : hardener=3:1 by weight

Dry Film Thickness

1-5mm per coat

Specific Gravity


Coverage Rate (Theoretical)

0.1kg/m2/100μm  0.077liter/m2/100μm

Drying Time






Dry to touch





Dry Hard






24kgs for one kit, part A 28kgs, part B 6kgs