Circuit route

Optimize your field force, and maximize efficiency!

In the actual situation with inflation and gas prices, we are all trying to reduce our costs and raise our revenues in the field. VISIPAL is the right tool to maximize the efficiency of your field force.

With VISIPAL its easy and simple to create the best routes. It increases your activity, set more customer appointments, and get customers engaged! It’s the best route planning and efficiency software for your field force!

Create more customer calls and drive less miles with VISIPAL. VISIPAL eliminates the need for your outside salespeople to plan sales routes manually, and gain confidence that reps are making the most of their time! VISIPAL calculates you the best routes for today, tomorrow, the next week or even the next month’s fully automatically with taking the challenges you face in the field into consideration.

Furthermore, VISIPAL can do your strategic work to optimize the territories of your field force. That maximizes the optimization potential and creates a fair environment to work in. VISIPAL allocates your sales resources properly to the right territories and helps your team work in their territories more efficiently!

To create more sales VISIPAL offers a central lead search which ensures your reps to have the lead information they need for a productive day and more revenue in the field!

To get VISIPAL implemented it transform your current CRM into a mobile route optimization solution to keep all your data in sync on the go. Web interfaces or simple CSV imports integrates VISIPAL in every environment with ease.

We have an ROI calculator, as well as a sales increase calculator, on our website to give you an idea of how powerful VISIPAL can be for your company. Check it out by checking the links to the calculator or registering for a 14-day free trial (no credit card required).