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What is the Coffee Concentrate?

Simply put the coffee concentrate is a cold coffee that has been extremely concentrated.

To make the coffee concentrate as delicious as you can, it must be dilute in milk or water. Since the Dutch traveling cultures in the 17th century, have been using coffee concentrate for a long time!

What’s the difference between cold and coffee concentrate coffee?

Coffee concentrate and cold brew are very similar. However, they do differ in a few ways. Let’s look at the similarities.

Cold brew is a method for making coffee concentrate and tea using the exact cold brew technique.

Cold-brewed coffee is not heated. The coffee grinds need to be steeped for more than 20 hours before it is ready for consumption. The concentrate of coffee is prepared similarly however it is steeped for a longer period of duration.

The proportion of coffee to water is the reason that makes these drinks distinct. Cold brew is created by combining 1 gram of coffee to 4 grams of of water.


The ratio of coffee concentrate is 1:1. Since the ratio is equal that the coffee concentrate is extremely strong.

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