walter van beirendonck

Walter van beirendonck is well-known in the fashion circle for his “deviant” style. Walter is one of Antwerp’s six gentlemen. Compared with the other five introverted, minimalist and deconstructed designs, his creative style is full of meaning and bright colors. He is the wildest among the six gentlemen, and the one who looks least like a “designer”. His clothes every season are meaningful – sex, fetishism, childishness, technology, war, disease, etc. The most controversial thing is that in the autumn and winter of 2018, he made the male model wear a “pig”-inspired pvc outerwear. This move is in response to the French label movement ‭#BalancetonPorc‬-which means to expose the pig. Attacked the sexual assault and harassment of women. Walter van beirendonckb does not care about commercial interests, nor does he focus on traditional aesthetics. He is an “asexual”, and the clothes he designs can be worn by men and women. This unique style is called anti-fashion.