• $2

Water filled explosion proof electric heating bag

The cute printed rechargeable water heater bag is soft, cute, and nice looking.

1. The protective cover of the hot water bag is made of soft and comfortable crystal velvet material, which is cute.

2. 3D reconstruction of the heating core, precise temperature control technology, automatic power off when heating at 75°, uniform heating, and separation of water and electricity, to prevent leakage and dry burning.

3. 2 layers of thermal insulation and moisture-proof fabric and 4 layers of high-strength PVC inner film

4. Safety explosion-proof power supply, automatic power off to prevent an explosion.

5. Built-in non-corrosive water, rejects corrosive electric solution and adds an extra line of defense for safety.

6. EU standard, hidden vent, multiple protection.


We not only have Electric Hot Water Bag, but also other products like a USB Mini Fan.