Web Intelligence Service | Cyber Threat Intelligence & Operations – ACID Technologies

ACID Technologies’ cyber threat intelligence platform offers  24/7/365 monitoring by bots and crawlers, enhanced with advanced AI algorithms, to detect potential threats. Some of the key benefits your organization can leverage:

  1. Tailored threat detection

Specific keywords are defined and translated into several languages. Tailored threat detection provides the most precise information about an impending cyberattack. The details you receive enable you to prepare and implement effective countermeasures.

  1. Wide-coverage

ACID Technologies evaluates a broad scope of sources and platforms to ensure comprehensive threat detection: dark web; deep web; paste tools; dump sites; leak sites; social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, VK, Weibo; and chats: IRC web chat, Discord, Telegram, WhatsApp and WeChat. It unleashes its clusters of robots and employs advanced AI algorithms to detect potential threats in the form of emails and domain names, credit card data and banking information, cyber operations, intellectual property, key personnel and much more. 

  1. Actionable advance alerts

ACID Intelligence offers real time alerts at the first hint of a threat. The alerts contain all available information, and are updated as more details become known through continued 24/7 monitoring. The precise information enables you to prepare an effective response, foil the attack or mitigate its consequences.

  1. Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts of any suspicious activity that can pose a threat are provided. As the cyber criminals continue planning their attack you receive additional real-time information, enabling you to best tailor your response to the precise nature of the threat.