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If You are wondering something How much should a small business budget for a website?

The cost of a website for a small business can vary depending on several factors such as the complexity of the website, the features required, the size of the website, the web developer or agency’s experience and location, and the timeframe for completing the project. Generally, a basic website for a small business with simple design and functionality can cost anywhere from $499 – $699 . However, if you require additional features such as e-commerce functionality, custom graphics, search engine optimization (SEO), or ongoing maintenance, the cost can increase.


In Portland, we create, develop, and maintain websites of various sizes while adhering to high standards and our clients’ spending limits. Codevelop Us has created numerous solutions for e-commerce, social networks, and content management. Database design and development are two of our areas of competence.

Several of our clients come to us looking for assistance with their original ideas for Portland web design & website development. We have helped many entrepreneurs realize their ideas at a fair fee. Even after your website is launched, we will continue to offer website maintenance and technical support also we offer free local SEO Services for our clients.