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Welcome to PitPat Fitness World

Download PitPat Free Virtual Running Apps with professional training courses and win a Big Bonus by participating in events that are available to everyone


What You Can Find In PitPat

Online Competition

Friendly competition with friends, relatives, or even strangers and receive a Bonus from our free virtual race app.


Whole New Experience

Immersive virtual running tracks. Blend entertainment with training.


Fitness Class

Connect to the treadmill. Customize your training plans based on accurate exercise data.


How To Join PitPat Free Virtual Running Apps


Download the PitPat APP for iOS or Android devices. PitPat looks best on bigger screens!



Connect Your Equipment

Connect your PitPat with the Star Power treadmill, and start your exercise. The smart treadmill app can also be matched with our smart bracelet to voice wake on the equipment!



Start The Training

Try Pit Pat for free now! Experience 5 running modes with our guidance!


Race Around The World

Connect your STAR POWER Treadmill with PitPat running virtual APP, and start your journey in this splendid world. In PitPat, you can run with anyone in this world! It may be your friends, family members, or even well-known athletes, singers, and entrepreneurs! Your opponents can be anyone!


At STAR POWER X PitPat world, every win means getting a bigger prize, anyone in the virtual running race app can be a winner!


Five different modes of running events:


Official Events: initiated by STAR POWER Official to compete for the prize.


Multi-Player Running Events: players win bonuses by ranking.


PK Run: running against your friends or online players one versus one, the winner gets the prize.


Milestone Run: players win a bonus by accomplishing the goal in a limited time.


Ranking Challenge Events: players win a bonus by transcending other players’ rankings.