Engine Builder Simulator Free :Adding the Throttle to a New Group To show the usage of the Load Finder we can create a brand new institution and upload the inlet throttle to it. Create a brand new institution the use of Groups New… set the institution label as Throttle as proven in  New throttle institution. Select the consumption throttle with the mouse and with it in cognizance upload it to our new institution the use of Groups Add to Group Throttle. Setting Up the ‘Load Finder’ Cases The load finder run is initiated from the check records precis unfold sheet. Open this unfold sheet up the use of both the F feature key or the pull down menu Data Test Conditions Steady State Test Conditions Summary…  Opening the SteadyState Test Data Summary. Getting Started Using Lotus Engine Simulation Tutorial ‘Using the Load Finder’ The load finder is switched on from the Test Points tab beneathneath the Case Type column through default all check factors are created as Engine Builder Simulator Free Builder Def This method that the simulation is administered the use of records precisely as described withinside the version.  Changing to a ‘load Finder’ run. To trade a check factor to run a ‘load finder’ case choose withinside the Case Type column for the desired check factor and choose one of the load finder alternatives from the left mouse menu. From this menu you may additionally set all check factors to ‘load finder’ on the identical time.


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