What is Reseller hosting? Types of reseller hosting

To understand what is reseller hosting, Let’s understand what is hosting, so let’s dive into the concept of web hosting. Web hosting provides the allocated space on the web server for the website to store its files. When you purchase a web hosting plan that means you are buying a space for your website on the World Wide Web to be viewed by others. Hosting can be explained in the most basic terms as renting a space on the internet via a hosting provider to make your website visible to the consumers.

What is reseller hosting?

As the term “reseller” itself suggests a reseller is a person who resells a product. A reseller purchases/rents a hosting package in bulk from a parent hoster and sells it to the public. A reseller sells the hosting service without owning any server or equipment in simple words he acts as a middleman who simply buys an idea and sells it to others. A reseller mainly performs the sale activity of the web hosting which ironically is the end goal of any business.

Why does a person start reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting can be said as one of the most convenient, easy, and profitable businesses. There is a variety of factors from which a reseller can benefit:

a. There’s no headache of maintenance of the server to the reseller 

b. It requires almost no investment 

c. It requires the most basic knowledge of web 

d. There is no primary responsibility and work to perform 

e. There can be customized packages for each customer 

f. There’s a low competition rate

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Types of reselling hosting:White label reselling

In this kind of reselling a person rebrands the hosting on its own name and sells it into the market which sometimes mistakes the customers as if the product is wholly created by him. Still, it actually is a lot beneficial as it helps to create trust and authenticity in everyone’s mind by simply dividing business activities production and marketing which performs wonders when performed.

Private label Reselling

Private label reselling enables the consumers to know the parent company’s branding. It promotes the parent company’s production while creating a name for the reseller through customized and affordable packages provided by the reseller