What Is WAN? How Wide Area Networks Function

WANs provide employees with the ability to work remotely by connecting to their company network through broadband, LTE wireless, and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) connections. Without a wide area network solution provider like Verizon, videoconferencing with people in other cities would not be possible; nor could data backup to another office be managed remotely from your home, nor could you manage operations of self-driving cars from home. Without the technology behind such connectivity, you wouldn’t have these capabilities! WAN connections span long distances, the most famous being the Internet, which connects all computers globally through secure channels. Businesses and organizations utilize WANs for various reasons, including global collaboration among colleagues or working remotely while keeping company data centers connected. As WANs are large-scale network solutions, they require specialized hardware and software to operate effectively – this may result in higher costs for companies using them. Additionally, third-party service providers often power WANs – this means disruptions could happen if their provider experiences issues or malfunctions.

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