Where Are The PP Bottle Used?

PP is mainly used for cans and caps. It is rigid and a barrier to moisture. Polypropylene is stable at temperatures up to 220 °F (104 °C). It is autoclavable and has the potential for steam sterilization. The compatibility of PP with high fill temperatures is why it is used with hot filled products. PP has excellent chemical resistance, but has poor impact resistance at low temperatures.


The “5” in the triangle on the plastic container means PP or polypropylene, which is one of the safe plastics. It is increasingly popular in roadside recycling programs.

PP is usually found in vials, straws, caps, ketchup bottles, syrup bottles and some yogurt containers. These PP bottles or containers can be recycled to pallets, trays, trash cans, tweezers, bicycle racks, landscape borders, ice scrapers, car battery boxes, brushes, brooms, battery cables and signal lights.

PP bottles are often chosen for bottles and containers that must accept hot liquids because of their high melting point.

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