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WiFi Network Solutions for Campus

WiFi Network Solutions for Campus

In order to meet the wireless coverage needs of schools, Ceres provides a set of “economical, convenient, stable, and safe” campus Wi-Fi solutions, which can provide different WLAN coverage for different target areas. As one of the best wireless network companies, we have more than ten-year experience in wifi solutions for teachers/students in schools/campuses/universities/colleges. If you have a demand for wireless networks for study and learning on campus, please feel free to contact us. The topology of Ceres typical wireless campus coverage scheme is as follows:

AC: Responsible for the unified management of all APs, including AP plug and play, channel intelligent switching, automatic power adjustment, load balancing, fast roaming, device connection, and user connection. Support WI-FI network automatic operation and maintenance, intelligent probe function.


Access Network: It consists of OLT, POE ONU, and Optical Splitter. It is responsible for transmitting management traffic and service traffic to the AC.


AP: The wireless physical access layer, where all APs share a single or multiple SSIDs, which can implement load balancing and roaming of wireless network traffic.


Outdoor Coverage of Wi-Fi Network Solution for School

For small-area coverage, the AP internal antenna can be used directly to meet the coverage requirements. For large coverage, the AP needs to be composed of omnidirectional or directional antennas. In an open area, the maximum coverage does not exceed 300M, and the omnidirectional antenna is deployed as follows:

The installation method is divided into pole and wall mounting, and the installation method is as follows:

Wall mounting  

Pole mounting

Indoor Coverage of Wi-Fi Network Solution for School

The indoor AP is directly used for ceiling installation, and the AP has an omnidirectional dual-frequency antenna to meet indoor coverage requirements.

For indoor high-density coverage applications such as libraries, dormitories, restaurants, exhibition halls, etc., it is recommended to configure 1~3 indoor APs to cover according to the area. It is installed by the ceiling, and each AP is separated by 10 meters to 15 meters. as follows:

Each AP adopts dual-band deployment. Considering that the 2.4G frequency is too dense relative to the 5G frequency band, it is easy to cause interference. In actual deployment, the 2.4G frequency band of some APs should be shut down according to actual conditions. Considering the bandwidth pressure, it is expected that a single AP is expected to be connected to 40-50 people for calculation. The single AP coverage area is 190 ㎡, the maximum power of the 2.4G band is 17dBm, the maximum power of the 5G band is controlled is 20dBm, ensuring that the power received by each terminal is between -45 dBm and -60 dBm, specific power and band control need to be adjusted and modified according to site conditions. The relevant models and specifications are shown in the table below.



What Are the Wi-Fi Challenges that Your Campus & School Faces?


Security Issues: Campus Wi-Fi solutions must ensure information security, especially information security for students, faculty, staff, and educational institutions.


Universal Coverage: Wi-Fi solutions for the campus must provide reliable connections throughout the campus.


Resource-demanding Applications: Campus wifi solutions must be able to maintain the connection of hundreds of terminal devices at the same time.


Budget constraints: School wireless solutions must have the best price-performance ratio to meet the budget requirements.


What the Campus Wi-Fi Solution Provided by CERES Do for Your Campus?


For today’s education, smart and powerful school Wi-Fi is very important. CERES provides you with a professional campus Wi-Fi solution that is powerful enough so that your school & campus can:


CERES campus Wi-Fi solutions enable distance learning, distance education programs, and school-related activities;


CERES campus Wi-Fi solutions meet the needs of school education, library resources, or mobile learning;


CERES campus Wi-Fi solutions reduce the Internet access gap between homes, libraries, and other remote areas;


CERES campus Wi-Fi solutions equip teachers with wireless Internet teaching and lesson plans;


CERES campus Wi-Fi solutions strengthen the campus’s network and wireless technology capabilities;


CERES campus Wi-Fi solutions improve the efficiency of school management and administration.


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