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Window Cleaning Equipment

Hallmarks For High Quality Window Cleaning Equipment

Whether you are buying a squeegee for your home windows or a tool belt for your window cleaning business, quality matters a lot. It ensures that you get value for your money with the perfect combination of awesome window cleaning results and general durability of the tools that you bought. 

For some perspective, we will take a look at what could go wrong if you do not take your time finding the best window cleaning equipment for your specific needs. We will also give you some tips on how to identify the best tools to spend money on. That way, you don’t end up wasting your time or worse, botching a simple window cleaning project. 

What could possibly go wrong?

  • Quick wear and tear

This is by far the biggest consequence you will have to deal with if you end up picking the wrong window cleaning tool. It is determined greatly by the quality. This means high quality materials that can withstand the consistent use as well as contact with water and detergent. It also means great construction especially for window cleaning equipment with moving parts or those with attachments including squeegees. 

The main problem here is that you end up spending a lot more in less time than you had anticipated. It could be extra costs for repair of things like safety equipment or unexpected replacements for tools that should otherwise be reusable for a very long time. 

Whatever the case, it is not only a great inconvenience but also a huge waste of money. 

  • Damage to your windows

Another very serious consequence of making the wrong decision when choosing window cleaning equipment is damage to your windows. This applies mainly to tools that are in direct contact with the window glass. They include cleaning cloths, buffing pads, squeegees, and even window vacuums. 

These could leave permanent marks on the window glass or on the panes including scratch and swirl marks. With the cloths and buffing pads, it happens mainly if you go for options that are not glass-safe especially if there are automated, power tools involved in the cleaning process.

Tools like squeegees and vacuums on the other hand may cause damage through poorly constructed frames. 

  • Low quality results

Results are everything when it comes to investing in window cleaning investment. If you are a homeowner then the last thing you want is nothing but smudges and streaks to show for all your spring cleaning efforts. If you run a window cleaning business on the other hand then great results are crucial to customer satisfaction and the success of your business. 

With the wrong choice in window cleaning tools and gear, embarrassingly poor quality results are pretty much inevitable. With so much at stake from personal satisfaction to the survival of the business, you cannot afford to take this decision lightly. 

  • Extra effort and resources needed

You may also notice that you need more effort or even detergent to get windows clean with poor quality cleaning pads and cloths. While this does not necessarily cause any harm to the window or its frame, it is a super inconvenience that renders the investment a total bust. 

  • Compromised personal safety

This is particularly important with safety gear used in commercial window cleaning. The quality of the construction on these units could be the very thing separating you or your crew from serious injury. You can therefore not afford to skimp on this investment. Just go for the best rated window cleaning safety equipment in terms of reliability. 

Signs that you made the best investment

  • The experts are using the same

This is really useful insight mainly for up and coming window cleaning business but is also a valuable clue for DIY homeowners and experienced window cleaning professionals. It is pretty straightforward in this case. If the experts endorse and/or use it then it is definitely an option worth considering. 

  • Great hand-feel

When it comes to window cleaning equipment, it is actually quite easy to determine the quality simply by feeling the tool. It is especially easy to weed out any flimsy tool. Cloths and pads will feel coarse and grainy. Moving parts like squeegee necks or telescoping poles will feel rickety. 

While this, of course, is not a standardized measure of quality, it is rarely ever wrong when it comes to picking out the undesirables. 

  • Window-friendly material

Another way to pick out a great window cleaning tool from the numerous options is specific window-friendly features. With cloths and pads, these tend to be non-abrasive and should not produce lint. With other tools, you may find specific features whether it is rounded corners or rubber-reinforced edges that are meant to protect surfaces that they may come into contact with during the cleaning process. 

  • Competitive price range

A good piece of window cleaning equipment should also be affordable. Very expensive tools may not always be worth the hype. Going for the competitive price range also does not mean going for the very cheapest option on the market as these are almost always very poor quality. It means finding the best possible quality for the best possible price however high or low it may be. 

  • The reviews are great

Finally, you can rest easy knowing that you made the right choice in window cleaning equipment if the tools have great reviews online. They do not all have to be overwhelmingly positive. They just have to be verified purchases with positive, descriptive reviews based on firsthand experience that outnumber the negative comments by far. 

In conclusion

With all this information, it is evident how crucial it is to take your time when choosing the right window cleaning tools to add to your collection. It doesn’t really matter whether you are shopping for the tool collection in your home pantry or for your window-cleaning business. 

The signs we have pointed out should definitely come in handy when it comes to narrowing down the search from the hundreds of options to the most worthy of your attention. So go forth and start your shopping. You now have everything you need to make an informed decision.


Hallmarks For High Quality Window Cleaning Equipment