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XYZKF-CTC seires W Type Vacuum Generator

XYZKF-CTC seires W Type Vacuum Generator

Product Description

Compactness: Designed to be small and light, allowing easy integration into systems without requiring much space.

Energy Efficiency: These generators are often energy-saving, with minimal air consumption to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

High Vacuum Flow Rates: They can offer high vacuum flow rates for efficient and rapid vacuum generation.

Integrated Controls: Some models include integrated controls like vacuum switches, release valves, and silencers for simplified operation.

Variety in Nozzles: They come with different nozzle sizes and types, allowing customization for specific vacuum needs or air volumes.

Modularity: Their modular design enables easy addition or reconfiguration of components, enhancing versatility for different uses.

1. On above diagram, the pressure is rated by vacuum generator.

2. There is a special pressure point before the vacuum generator reaches its maximum vacuum degree. This special point might cause instability of the vacuum generator (e.g. Beep noise), thus the pressure must be adjusted to a proper range.

3. When you are selecting pipeline and component, the pipe diameter should be three times greater than the nozzle diameter. If air supply or air exhaust is insufficient as it doesn’t meet the characteristics of vacuum, instability of vacuum generator might

take place as well.