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Z-type Ammonia Gas Compressor

In addition to discharging liquid ammonia, ammonia reciprocating compressors for sale are widely used in the fields of medicine, fertilizer, national defense, light industry, etc. Ammonia compressors with reasonable prices are one of the most important equipment for manufacturing nitrogen fertilizer and nitric acid. Ammonia is an important reagent in the laboratory, an alkaline disinfectant against sarin, and a thermosetting phenolic resin catalyst. In daily life, it is used as a detergent, neutralizer, alkaloid leaching agent, photo-printing, etc. It is a compressor in oil and gas industry, and is also widely used in the environmental protection industry and are the key equipment for flue gas denitration in power plants.


Z-type Ammonia Reciprocating Compressor Features

The whole machine has the characteristics of complete configuration, simple structure, and convenient maintenance.

Compact structure, stable operation, high reliability, complete control.

Multiple functions, small size, lightweight, low power, stable and reliable operation, etc.

Good safety performance of the ammonia compressors can create maximum economic benefits for users.

The unit type design reduces the area of the machine room, reduces the workload of operation and maintenance, and saves investment.


Z-type Ammonia Gas Compressor Application

This type of ammonia compressor is widely used in chemical plants, ammonia station liquid ammonia discharge, power plant denitrification, etc.