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Auliss Henan Intelligent Technology Compressor Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise specializing in the design, development and production of medium-high pressure, oil-free, low-pressure and atmospheric screw compressors. Its air end adopts German technology, and its products has a certain reputation in the market. It has been rated as “National Quality Stable and Qualified Product” and “Consumer Trustworyhy Product” by China Association for Quality Inspection and China Consumers’ Association. We also have passed the “ISO9001 International Quality System Certification” and “CE”. Our products are widely used in PET bottle blowing industry, CNG gas station, gas injection, marine exploration, hydropower station, leak detection and pressure test, shipbuilding, military and other industries. In response to the personalized needs of customers, Shanghai AULISS provides a variety of solutions to meet customer’s requirments for product reliability, professionalism and customization. We will always stand at the forefront of technological innovation with a sense of advance, and we will always keep improving and pressure excellence.


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