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BIOCELL  provides proven and mature technologies for the production as well as storage and distribution of water system solution for pharmaceutical customers.We focus on the development, engineering, production, service and sales of systems and equipment for the production, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical water systems for customers in the pharmaceutical industry. With a professional design and engineering team, we provide our customers with services such as maintenance, system upgrade and related spare parts to ensure plant operation.Purified water(PW) is widely used in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries both in production and for washing equipment, containers etc. Water for injection(WFI) is used for the production of medicaments and intermediates, as well as for the final cleaning of equipment.Pure steam(PS) is mainly used for sterilizing tanks, filters, piping systems and also for the products in sterilizers. Moreover, it is even used for air-moistening in cleanroom systems. Purified water(PW),Water for injection (WFI) and are Pure steam(PS) used in many areas of the pharmaceutical industry. Our Multi-Effect Stills(MES) and the Pure Steam Generator(PSG) have electric heating models and WFI/PS two in one models and are our flagship products. Get in touch with us to work with our specialised engineers to get the right plant for your unique requirements.

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