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Located in XI 'AN, China, formerly known as Xi'an Zebang Industrial Co., Ltd, which is a subsidiary of China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute (SINO-HEAVYMACH), in 2019, due to the restructuring of (SINO-HEAVYMACH), ZBTECH (Xi'an Zebang Electric Furnace Co., Ltd) was established to operate independently. Certified by ISO9001, ZBTECH adheres to the serious and rigorous design concept of SINO-HEAVYMACH, which is a technology-oriented enterprise providing complete steelmaking & ferroalloy equipment for domestic and overseas industry. ZBTECH covers design, manufacturing, erection, and commissions special for steel-making equipment like EAF, LRF, VD/VOD. Ferroalloy furnace, integrated revamping and upgrading of existing plants, which is one of few recognized in the sector for its excellence and commitment to technological innovations.  


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