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Since its inception in 1960, CMN has stood at the forefront of single-screw compressor technology, prioritizing unwavering product stability and performance. In 2004, CMN expanded its influence with the establishment of its production base in China. Specializing in the production of single-screw air compressors, we proudly pioneered the development of water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressors, presenting an ideal solution for industries such as food manufacturing and pharmaceutical production.In a groundbreaking move in 2015, CMN achieved a milestone by introducing the world's first 40-bar pressure oil-free screw air compressor. Today, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China spans an impressive 58,000 square meters. Collaborating with over 100 agents, 10 service agencies, and operating three cutting-edge manufacturing plants globally, CMN continues to lead the industry with innovation and a commitment to excellence.