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CSK Motion Technology Co, Ltd. was established in 2010.CSK is a company which is professionally manufacturing precision linear motion products. CSK possess a strong team which is expertized inaspects of R&D, manufacturing, and QA.CSK own superior and modernized precision facilities to mass-produce the linear guideway withaccuracy as higher as UP grade(≤3u). Therefore, CSK is one of the few qualified manufacturersproducing the super precision linear guideway in the world.Recently, we are more active in the development of linear motor stage,module, direct driverotary motor and other products, providing customized solutions in precision transmission system.CSK' s objective is to provide world class quality products and service with favorable price andshort delivery time to customers. Base on continuous improvement and innovation of linearmotion technologies, CSK' s vision is to become an eternal enterprise and by establishing thekey core techniques to achieve the better welfare and environment for our global village.


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