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FPR (Future Power Revolution) designs and manufactures the cutting-edge li-ion batteries, packs and systems, with offices and plants across the globe.With its headquarter and central functions center located in Shenzhen, China, FPR Connectivity Technology specializes in providing li-ion batteries products and services. FPR USA, situated in Silver Creek, USA, comprises of the CTO office, sales office, and customer service, and is involved in the sales and distribution of products such as EV batteries, BESS, and solid-state batteries. FPR-GF, located in Huizhou and Jiangxi, China, specializes in the manufacturing of polymer cells and batteries for electric vehicles. FPR Intelligent MFG, situated in Dongguan, China, provides PCBA manufacturing, server, and BMS services. Finally, FPR-NE focuses on product design, marketing, logistics, and sales of FPR products and services in Singapore. FPR-NE is positioned to provide reliable and efficient energy storage solutions with accessible capacity of up to 65GWh by 2025, thanks to the expertise of FPR and its strategic partnerships. With more than a decade of experience and over 96 product patents, FPR-NE by collaborating with FPR and its ODM partners, can harness the most advanced technology and large manufacturing capabilities to provide groundbreaking and eco-friendly energy solutions that address the changing demands of enterprises and individuals alike.