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Jinya Intelligent Technology Shanghai Limited is a company that develops and produces self-adhesive materials and self-adhesive labels. The company started from ordinary self-adhesive materials and has been continuously developed into a total solution that can provide professional digital self-adhesive materials. It is widely used in home care, supermarket and office, food and beverage, daily chemical and other industries. According to different ink-based methods, Jinya launched the All-inkjet series of digital coating materials, which are in the leading position in the industry. It is suitable for UV, laser, thermal transfer, electronic ink and water-based inkjet. From paper to film, from matte to gl-ossy, the All-inkjet range of digital coating materials are extremely advantageous to meet your application needs. Meanwhile, it is suitable for HP indigo, Memjet, Canon, Epson and other brand models. Jinya's perfect customer service, high-quality production management, and value the needs of end customers are the right choice for your digital printing business. We understand every aspect of digital coating materials, from top coating to plastic coating to coating and laminating. Every step, we constantly innovate and develop, and each step is efficient and stable. All-inkjet digital coating materials, print out a colorful world!


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