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There are two types of bamboo flooring. Traditional bamboo floor material is made of strips of bamboo laid with the strips on the wearing surface being face-on, which is called horizontal bamboo flooring, or edge-on, which is referred to as vertical. Strand woven bamboo flooring is made of shredded bamboo mixed with resins and pressed under high heat and pressure into planks. Strand woven bamboo flooring is generally tougher than ordinary bamboo flooring, and has a look that some people prefer.One important element in selecting bamboo flooring that is often overlooked is a determination of the product's moisture content. Some, but far from all, bamboo is kiln-dried in its manufacturing process, and this step will stabilize the material at an acceptable moisture content level. This is important, as if an unstable product is installed in a dry environment, it will tend to shrink and leave gaps between the boards. If you can't find out if the product you are considering buying has been kiln-dried, there are available moisture testing meters that you can use to find out for yourself. You don't want to install this material if it gives a reading that measures above about eight or nine percent moisture content.For all its visual appeal, flooring made from bamboo presents some risks to the buyer. There being no internationally recognized standards for its manufacture and grading, the marketplace contains some products that will not prove to be as durable as others. Bargain brands are to be avoided, as such products tend to be made from lower grades of bamboo, and are more likely to be manufactured with resins that may contain formaldehyde, which it is feared can leach into your living space.Unfortunately, since this type of flooring started to become popular in the United States early in this century, many people have become disillusioned after installing it. Again, the lack of any reliable standards presents a problem. Bamboo requires time as it grows to develop the hardness to make it a durable flooring material. Some manufacturers will use bamboo that is insufficiently mature in their products. The result is that the flooring will scratch and dent unacceptably.While flooring made from bamboo can be installed on a do it yourself basis, there are several means of installing the product, not all of which are equally DIY friendly. Some brands require installation with pneumatically driven staples, some are designed to float and others require gluing down. Make sure you educate yourself about what you're getting into if you are considering undertaking the installation of bamboo flooring on your own.

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