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Metware Biotechnology Co., Ltd ( “Metware” ) is a professional metabolomics research and technology company focusing on developing and applying innovative metabolome technologies to life science and health. With over 40 mass spectrometers, over 712,000 sq ft. of lab space, and 350 passionate staff and scientists, Metware is committed to provide effective and timely metbolomics services in basic and clinical research world-wide. Since its establishment in 2015, Metware has constructed an ever-increasing curated database of metabolites and a proprietary detection methodology. The database now houses 10000 metaboloites to date. Together with a proprietary ultra-sensitivity high-throughput widely-targeted metabolomics technology and metabolite marker machine learning algorithms, Metware’s technical achievements has been presented and published in over 500 publications, including Cell, Nature Genetics, PNAS, Nature Communications, National Science Review, and many other international peer-reviewed journals.

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