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Ningbo Xihe automation equipment Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in R & D and production of various automation equipment, such as auto parts industry, Kitchenware and daily necessities industry, hardware tools, radiators and so on. Various products developed and produced have won a number of patents.Among them, brake shoe welding machine, reshaping machine, angle welding machine, plug welding machine, double station automatic brake chassis welder, CNC milling machine, automatic extinguisher cylinder automatic welding machine, automatic stainless steel belt laser welding machine and glass pot cover stainless steel belt automatic production line are all products of independent innovation technology, and rely on advanced technology, originality and originality in leading industries, and export to many countries.Since its establishment, the company has been striving for excellence, doing every detail well, adhering to the basic principle of being honest, responsible and enthusiastic, and is committed to providing customers with more worry-free and labor-saving production experience and more comfortable and warm service guarantee with advanced technology and high-quality service. It hopes to continuously improve according to customer needs, grow together with customers and achieve win-win results.


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