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Nordblooms offers premium longer-lasting flower arrangements that are still life works of art. We celebrate Scandinavian design with contemporary and minimalistic flower arrangements paired with Scandinavian designer vases. Our blooms are made from real flowers that have been preserved resulting in beautiful, soft to the touch, vibrant flowers that still look fresh at the end of the week. Nordblooms are pollen free, require no watering, cutting or picking up petals for effortless flowers that make your home or business look beautiful in a long-lasting and ecological way. Simply place the floral arrangement in your desired space for maintenance free blooms that look after themselves. Our arrangements are purposefully curated for tasteful understated bouquets that elevate any space. Perfect for the Lobby, Conference Room, Hotel, Office, Co-Working Space, Retail, Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Staging, Hospitality and Private Club.


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