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Since 1981 Print-Rite has provided quality imaging supplies for home and office printing equipment. Today, Print-Rite is known as a global leader in the manufacture and sales of 2D imaging consumables products such as printer ribbons, inks for inkjet printers, laser, and copier toners, and sold in over 150 countries. With a strong brand reputation in both patent safe and quality, Print-Rite has established successful partnerships in more than 30 countries.As a professional imaging supply and cartridge supplier for printers and copiers, Print-Rite has the delivery ability, achieved by the rich experience, powerful team, and the strength of Print-Rite, winning the customer trust.Committed to the continual improvement of our industry-leading quality control and quality assurance processes, Print-Rite, a professional copier, and laser printer cartridge supplier, is fully certified and compliant with international standards such as ISO9001, STMC, and so on. Besides, Print-Rite is active in establishing worldwide industry standardization and was the only Chinese company invited to participate in setting ISO printing consumables industry standards.