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RogueRaw is a raw food brand specialising in recreating the primal natural canine diet. Our diet is fully adjustable and customizable to suit your pet’s life stages and health needs.For example a puppy has a different diet requirement to an adult. Maybe your dog is injured or ill, these all may require changes in diet.Most packaged or pre-mixed diets are literally selling you or convincing you to buy a product that is easy or commercially profitable for them and their business. Whilst that is best for their interests how about your dogs needs?With over 11 different produce varieties and 30 different products you can provide a variety and quality unavailable anywhere else. We provide a range of minced premixes, raw meaty bones, organs, natural supplements and various meal packs to cater for different dogs, ages and health conditions.Our target market are dog owners, who are concerned about the health and wellbeing of their dogs and cats.

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